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Routine dental cleanings and exams are important in keeping a healthy dentition and identifying possible diseases and abnormalities in the early stages. 


Each patient is thoroughly evaluated so that an individualized treatment plan can be formulated based on each unique risk based analysis. 


Dr. Guang is currently involved with the prestigious Kois Institute where member dentists are actively engaged in optimal patient care centered on prevention based on the latest proven science and research.   



The pride and passion of Dr. Guang’s dental expertise. 


An active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Guang is extensively trained in all the disciplines of cosmetic dentistry. 


From composite bonding and sculpting to porcelain veneers, Dr. Guang has personally been taught hands-on by some of the best cosmetic clinicians in the world, including ones who have provided beautiful smiles for some of the biggest Hollywood stars as part of the UCLA Esthetics Continuum.  

Sleep Apnea

Do you or someone you love have sleep apnea? Do you have a CPAP machine that you don't ever use? Do you have a CPAP but wish you can have something more portable for your travels? We offer proven, certified, effective treatment for sleep apnea with the use of custom made oral appliances.  Most appliances are even covered under your medical insurance!!

Never heard of sleep apnea?  Do you wake up from a full night's sleep and still feel tired?  Does your spouse complain about your snoring?  Our office is specially equipped to help identify any potential sleep related breathing disorders you may have.

Dr. Guang is an active member of The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and properly adheres to their treatment guidelines.


Composite Filling:  (Also referred to as "white filling", "bonding", or even incorrectly as "porcelain fillings")  This process is highly technique sensitive, therefore, Dr. Guang takes great care and effort in every tooth he restores. 

Crowns/bridges/inlays/onlays: All the latest in all-ceramic technology including EMax, BruxZir, well as traditional porcelain fused to metal.

Endodontics: Most root canal cases are performed right here in house, including difficult molar root canals! 

Have you always wished that your teeth can be straighter?


Did you get braces as a child, but having not worn your retainers over the years, your teeth have shifted?  Are you sitting there not doing anything about it because you don't want to get traditional braces and all the metal brackets and wires that come with it?  Well, wait no more.  Come explore the possibilities that Invisalign can provide you!  Seeing is believing!

Invisalign can also be perfect for correctly and conservatively changing the cosmetic appearance of your teeth instead of irreversibly grinding down your teeth for crowns and veneers.  

Dental Implants

Dental implants have long been the standard of care in replacing missing teeth in modern day dentistry.  No longer do patients have to deal with uncomfortable and unsightly removable dentures.  Bridges can be troublesome to clean and maintain, leading to potentially catastrophic problems such additional tooth loss.  

Patients who've undergone implant restorations are not only amazed with their strength and reliability, but are often surprised at the ease of the procedure.

Come in for a consultation to day!

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