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Norma V.

March, 2015

"This is the best dentist I have ever been to. We live about 45 minutes away and feel that it is well worth it to come to this dentist!"

L. P.

April, 2015 from Yelp

"Highly recommend this Dentist and his staff to everyone!  Very friendly and professional staff.  Dr Guang made me feel comfortable, not at all intimidated like other dentists I have experienced.   I was very nervous because of not great experience with last dentist but they all put me at ease.  The hygienist who cleaned my teeth today was super gentle.  Thank you Healthy Smiles!"

Sandy L.

March, 2015

"I love you guys. I don't mind going to the dentist now."

Fumi S.

April, 2014 from Yelp

"I created this yelp account just so I can write this review for the dentist who ended my long dreadful dentist experience. Staff is all friendly, thoughtful and courteous. It's a beautiful office with personal tv screen (w/ cable!) for each station. Dr is the most courteous of all, takes great care of you with much patience and understanding.  It's hard to believe that this kind of service can come with a price less than some other unpleasant dentists', but it does. And without the "sales" pressure.  I thank my friend who recommended me Dr.Guang and thank the Dr and his staff for taking such awesome care of me!"

Stacy M.

August, 2013 from Yelp

"Dr. Guang is honest and caring.  I have a lot of issues with my teeth and jaw and he goes out of his way to assist me.  He is also very fair with what he charges and explains all of your options. He will not do work that is not necessary. I trust him as a person and his dentistry. He also has called me after a dental procedure to see how I was doing. He goes above and beyond. Robin, who runs the office is wonderful. She is also caring and handles all of the insurance paperwork. She is great too about explaining your options and cost involved. I will be a long time patient of Healthy Smiles/Dr. Guang and I highly recommend!!!!!"

Victor N.

February, 2013

"I've been a patient of Dr. Guang for over six years. He is professional in every respect, his staff is very courteous, and his office is very neat and clean.  The best thing I can say about him is he truly cares about his patients, both dentally and financially. He wants you to have great dental health and he won't recommend something unless you truly need it. I wish auto mechanics were so honest!"

Mrs. S

December, 2012 from Yelp

"I was in search of a cosmetic dentist to fix a tooth that I had broken 22 years ago. It was repaired through but over the last 22 years, I have had several dentists try to fix it whenever it would chip or get discolored. The last dentist I went to told me there was no hope and I would have to spend $3000 on Lumineers. I knew that dentist was money hungry so I thought I would check around and see what my options were.

When I contacted Healthy Smiles through email, Robin was quick to respond. She actually talked me out of Lumineers and veneers and told me to come in for a consultation to Dr. Guang. He discussed a procedure with me that allowed for proper preparation of bonding and ensured they would last as long as Lumineers or veneers. I decided to move forward with Dr. Guang. I had my teeth repaired on 12/1/12. Let me just say that not only is Dr. Guang an incredible artist with teeth repair but he is very gentle, doesn't hurt you when he is working in your mouth, and does an incredibly thorough job. I have never been this satisfied ever with a dentist and NOBODY has repaired my teeth so well!!! The shape and color are flawless! A++++!! EXCELLENT Cosmetic Dentist. I will only be seeing Dr. Guang for all of my dental needs."

Sangeeta S.

May, 2012 from Yelp

"I had a very traumatic experience last time my dentist pulled two of my wisdom teeth out, I felt every pull n tug, so every time I visited any subsequent dentists I avoided the subject of extracting my two upper wisdom teeth! I also promised to my self that I would ask the dentist to put me to sleep if I ever decided to get those teeth out!! However today Dr. Guang did an awesome job, he was very kind and most of all I did not feel any pain, pull or tug!! He even called me in the evening to make sure I was doing alright. The clinic is very clean, high tech, the staff are awesome, you get one to one care. I am very happy with the service, I am sticking with them even if I ever move out of Corona!! Thanks Dr. Guang and the team...:)"

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